History of Swaislands

Textile history specialist Dr. Philip A. Sykas from Manchester Metropolitan University has selected a number of key images from pattern books created by graduates of the Swaisland design school. The pattern books are held in the collections at Manchester Metropolitan University and G. P. and J. Baker. In particular these key images relate to Swaisland’s participation in the Great Exhibition.

As well as selecting the images, Dr. Sykas has provided captions based upon documentary evidence into the images selected which provide a history of the Swaisland’s company and highlight the importance of the Swaisland company to the history of the textile industry.

The images and captions concentrate on the period of Charles Swaisland’s activity from his beginnings to 1865.

Dr. Philip A. Sykas is acknowledged as the copyright owner of the captions included here. As such any re-use of material which includes direct quotation or extensive paraphrasing should name Dr. Sykas as the author.

Those images with the prefix B originate from the collections at G. P. and J. Baker and those without originate from the collections at Manchester Metropolitan University.